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      Alliance wanted $2800 at first but they said they would cut me a deal for $2500 and there was absolutely nothing done. John Davidson is the employee that I delt with. Now the Alliance website is unavailable. Phone number and fax number is no longer working. I need my money back!

      Complaint resolution: money back

    • Amount: $2,500.00

      Country: USA

      State: VA

      Added: Jan 31, 2014

      ID#: 4821


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    Reported by: justmcm32

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    • Company Phone:

    • 855-855-0330, 855-396-9526
    • Sales Person:

    • Tina Johnson, Terri Johnson, David Abrams

    • Company Address:

    • 999 Waterside Drive

    • Managers:

    • John Davidson, Jean Simmons

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    New name reported: John Davidson


    Rita Alejandrez

    Apr 03, 2014 8:33 PM

    I was scammed $3,000, My Lender denied my modification, mailed copies to Alliance for refund. Mail was returned to me, no answer, no response from anyone. May the Wrath of Our LORD be on all involved! We all Pray. It is there turn to answer for there wickedness. Terri Johnson, Jean Simmons, John Davison, Jason in pymts, Jacklyn Gardner.. Your turn

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