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      Nationwide Bank and Finance Group (1 Complaint)

      I received an e-mail from Allen and Violet project regarding donate $2 million funds at the end of August.I do not believe at the beginning.They kept to tell me that it it 100% legal as soon as I follow their direction.I sent $1545.00 USD to the person in Malaysia. Affinbank.

      Complaint resolution: Refund $1500.00 from Glynn Buger.Acc holder Name:Arizah Binti Daud.Bank account Number:205400018947 swift code:PHBMMYKL,Bank name:AFFINBANK

    • Amount: $1,500.00

      Country: NO

      State: NO

      Added: Jan 07, 2014

      ID#: 4123


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    Reported by: oriental258

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    • 44-773-195-8824
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    • Glynn Burger

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