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      By mail DMi wants $16.78 from my stepmother (Doris Wollman, Mpls., MN age 87) for a free Nippon 35mm Focus camera. Make check of money order payable to DMI. Once she sends the check or money order they will ship her the camera. DMI, 2081 Hutton Dr., #309, Carrollton, TX 75006*6874

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    • Amount: $16.78

      Country: USA

      State: TX

      Added: Dec 27, 2013

      Report ID:#: 3895


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    Reported by: jawgirl48

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    • 972-245-1233
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    • N/A

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    • 1525 Capital Dr Ste 109

    • Managers:

    • Mr. Harvey J. Lippman, Ms. Barbara Miller

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