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      Well they tell That if people visit your link ,(http://payojob.com/?id=34524) , they pay you 10 dollars for each one. I receive 45 visits and a summary of $305 but for conclude with my payout I needed to fill a survey that I realize and never the system provide me the chance to request my check. Payojob it's a completely fraud.

      Complaint resolution: I want my payout for all the time I waste making people entry on their website

    • Amount: $305.00

      Country: NO

      State: NO

      Added: Mar 14, 2014

      ID#: 6022


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    Reported by: Acevjose

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    • Joshia Frauhmin

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    • Added: Mar 05, 2014

    • By: kikeduh

    • I cant reach my paycheck

      This site is a scam, a rip off, a shameless way to making you loose track of time by giving out your link so that you may "get 10$ for UNIQUE person" my question is WHAT IS A UNIQUE PERSON ...

    • Added: Mar 06, 2014

    • By: catgirl82

    • http://www.payojobs.com

      I through this site was really and its not. I have made 115.00 on here just by click, link and copy and paste to all my friends and family here its a scam you are actually putting money in ...

    • Added: Mar 11, 2014

    • By: eesa19

    • There are some survey.

      [Translation by Google] I asked to fill out a survey to get my 1495.00 are thieves I want my money now. I spend more time for this not put that link in all my groups at all. I want ...

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