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      These two companies took money out of my checking account and tact on multiple charges for items I never bid on. They never credited my bidding vouchers (335 of them( ) that I purchased on my account that I had created with them Bidding # 3151. hotcloseouts.com is a Legit company but hotcloseouts2013.com is a fraud.
      Zbddy shows up on my bank statement but when I called Zbiddy a lady said my account was with www.hotclouseouts.com. when actually it was with hotclouseouts2013.com. A very concerned lady called from hotcloseouts.com to explain the difference between the two companies and told me she had fielded over 200 calls with other people who thought her site was the same site. Its a perfect scam because the names are so close. She was nice enough to call as I had sent her a email
      with my concerns . I voided that card and my bank is taking action to find out more about hotcloseouts2013.com Why are still in business?? There have been so many complaints about how people were scammed on the web-site and they continue to stay in business doing the same thing over & over again

      Complaint resolution: I want all my money back and want you to investigate how legit (if at all)) and why they are still in online.

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      Added: Dec 09, 2013

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    Reported by: jano

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