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      They want me to open my computer to them So they can fix a problem on my computer that fixes their computers I.P. Address... Such B.S. they want my private information and billing information too. They ask for money and tell me that I have a major problem with my computer.... They can fix it While they steal money from my bank account.

      Complaint resolution: Private credit card information, home address, social security information....

    • Amount: $600.00

      Country: IN

      State: NO

      Added: Jan 16, 2014

      ID#: 4401


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    Reported by: joeopis2112

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    If you have been dealing with a similar situation, your computer may still be infected with viruses or carry remote access software, unsuspectedly installed by hackers. ScamGuard recommends installing the official AVG internet security suite in order to clean up and maintain a virus-free computer system.

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