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      Balabalashop.co (15 Complaints)

      http://www.balabalashop.co/ will take your money through Visa, WU or Moneygram but will not send the merchandise. They continue to change receiver's name with WU and Moneygram as the security departments classifies them as fraud. They have a regular conversation with you through [email protected] till you pay and once they can not get anything additional from you they go silent.

      Complaint resolution: Shut them dowm

    • Amount: $119.00

      Country: CH

      State: UN

      Added: Feb 18, 2014

      ID#: 5276


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    Reported by: yanyan

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    • [email protected]

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    • XiangJiang Liu

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    If you’ve been exposed to a scam, your identity and credit history might be at risk. To understand the general precautionary measures to keep your identity safe, please read the following article: www.scamguard.com/identity-theft/

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    • Added: Feb 28, 2014

    • By: Jakelryan

    • Convinced it is a scam

      Studied the site a bit ... Looked okay until I noticed paid was spelt payed and the about us section of the website is so poorly done I know it's a scam cause I used a pre paid credit card ...

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    • I was the victim of theft by this site.

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    • By: YENDRY07


      i ordered two louis Vuitton wallets last week and they haven't send me anything, I loged in to the website and it says it doesn't exist. please make these ****rs pay my money back. #2014041324673. I emailed them ...

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    Apr 19, 2014 12:23 AM

    I received me goods. they ignored me for about a week and eventually responded and shipped my stuff. i got it within a couple weeks of it being shipped. u sure u didn't get it eventually?

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