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Gardview Research

Bad check wiped bank account

Company: Gardview Research

Secret shopper scam. Sends you check gives you two stores to buy money cards from, then tells you to go spend allotted amount at store and evaluate them. The check ...
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  • State: MO
  • Oct 07, 2013


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  • Here is the address I was given; Contact Person: Hongyuan Chen Telephone: +86-025-83367644 Zip code:351100 1309 Room No. 2 Elevator, ...

  • Company: 855-328-0885

    Just got one the other day, blocked my number before calling... THANK GOD! 1-844-281-1476 Claim# 22329699 5337 Socrum Loop Road ...

  • Still no word from this company. Talked to American Express and they are still working on it. Amex has put ...

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