• sent me a check for mystery shopping, had me buy green dot cards.

      Retailing Solutions Inc (888-760-2511) (7 Complaints)

      pretending to have employment, and letting us use our bank accounts to deposit a check then buy money cards. then have u give them info from the card and pull the $ off immediately, supposedly was to be used for my next mystery shopping job. he said go to home depot next.

      Complaint resolution: cant be responsible, was just trying to work. how can we stop these people?.

    • Amount: $1,260.00

      Country: USA

      State: UN

      Added: Jan 03, 2014

      ID#: 4045


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    Reported by: debquig

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    • Company Phone:

    • 888-760-2511, 888-459-0996
    • Sales Person:

    • Anthony Lender/Landers

    • Company Address:

    • N/A

    • Managers:

    • Duncan Bennett, Paul Landis, Harold Franklin

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