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      I accepted an online offer for a trial sized jar of RVTL Anti-aging face cream for $4.95. Two weeks later I find my card has been charged $93 additional for the same jar of face cream. Nothing on the order form said I was obligated to pay an additional charge, much less $93. I called the company on the credit card statement which is CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS but they declined to refund my $93. They offered to refund part of it. I said no. I want a full refund. I entered a dispute against them with my credit card company. These criminals need to be stopped.

      Complaint resolution: Full refund

    • Amount: $93.00

      Country: USA

      State: CA

      Added: Jul 19, 2013

      ID#: 1456


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    Reported by: mazeyme1

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    • 877-316-1912
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    • 2551 East Ave S. Suite G100

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