• stolen money out of my bank account

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      I was sceamed into applying for a loan, and never received anything , and to top it off money was deducted from my account from a money market network and was telling me to put money on a green dot card in the amount $750 for the company Savings Makes Money, and they are deducting money from my account and now my account is overdrawn $160 mind you putting me in a situation to as where I cannot pay my bills, And also take into consideration that I DO NOT WANT THERE OFFERING, I'VE CALLED TO INFORM THIS COMPANY AT 818-309-1344 SPOKEN WITH REPRESENTATIVES AND MANAGERS WHICH BY THE WAY WAS RUDE AND NON RESOURCEFUL, SO PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS ASAP AND RETURN MY MONEY. THE NAME OF THE PERSON I SPOKE TO WAS STEVE KNOWLEF IF THATS EVEN A REAL NAME.

      Complaint resolution: I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK IN THE AMOUNT OF $160

    • Amount: $160.00

      Country: USA

      State: CA

      Added: Jan 23, 2014

      ID#: 4606


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    Reported by: LYNN87

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    • Company Phone:

    • 818-309-1344, 818-308-1344
    • Sales Person:

    • Steve Knowlef (represented), Hailey Havens, Jean Spears

    • Company Address:

    • 16133 Ventura Boulevard

    • Managers:

    • Elizabeth Smith

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    Tammy Wilson

    May 19, 2014 6:49 PM

    How do you deal with this kind of company the continues to scam people and take from their account without authorization. Can they reported to the BBB? this situation has caused be so much stress and I am not sure that they even cancelled the membership that I never agreed to. Bank tell me to change my account number to stop further deductions. I have had this account for more than 15 years and they need to be stopped.

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