• Not returning my call after paying investment fee

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      This company advertised an online shopping mall website to be set up in my name; I would allegedly receive commission for any orders submitted. After paying the fee, I never received a verification call back after 20-30 minutes, as promised. I called the number that showed in the caller id but that number wasn't recognized. I also trying contacting the company through the links on the website, but all the links were fake and led no where. They also have the nerve to display a customer service number on the website: 1-866-998-6565, but that number leads to an unanswered voicemail

      Complaint resolution: ALL OF MY MONEY BACK

    • Amount: $499.00

      Country: NO

      State: NO

      Added: Sep 17, 2013

      ID#: 2094


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    Reported by: akeba5335

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    • Company Phone:

    • 702-997-4166
    • Sales Person:

    • Eddie

    • Managers:

    • Angela

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