• I want my money back

      Unlimited Gift Cards and Rewards (3 Complaints)

      I am not sure if this is real but they said they are a chamber of commerce from mailing spots, co founder is John howard u get it in mail and every 500 per mail spot upon 10 spots $500 each. so I got 10 spots which cost me 5k and they said i would get double principal and extra 50k and will get fed ex package on dec 23 for two different check. I never got them so i wasn't sure if its scam because they said on paper and on phone it says they are a member of chamber of commerce.
      Please let me know if its a scam Thank u
      Christy Shuler-Denekamp

      Complaint resolution: i want my full money back

    • Amount: $5,000.00

      Country: USA

      State: UN

      Added: Dec 27, 2013

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    Reported by: jaimemyles

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    • Company Phone:

    • 702-442-1180, 800-791-4731
    • Sales Person:

    • Mike Mitchel, Cindy Rowe

    • Company Address:

    • N/A

    • Managers:

    • John Howard

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    • Added: Mar 18, 2014

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    • No return of phone calls.

      Paid $1250 for mailing advertising services. Was guaranteed a return of my money if services failed to deliver. UGC&R did not deliver.Want my money back. Purchased on 9-13 and 10-13. $1250 in advertising/mailing services. UGC&R said ...

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