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      This company claims to get you unlock codes for your cell phone, but what they are really doing is get you to send your cell phone information to them and then they use that information for your personal gain. Do not trust them and be fooled. I attempted to contact them and my emails went unanswered.

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    • Amount: $5.99

      Country: USA

      State: UN

      Added: Nov 21, 2013

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    Reported by: grjohns63

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    • Ethan

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    • Ethan Harman

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    • Added: Feb 09, 2014

    • By: TOMAS617


      stay away from this unlock promise phone company..http://www.mobile-phone-unlock.com/ and http://www.unlock-code-world.com/ they take your money and after 25 day nothing happens yes is only $5.99 but if the do that to many people ...

    • Added: Feb 06, 2014

    • By: jcowle86

    • Did not unlock my phone, no refund, no response

      They do this for a lot of people apparently, which lead me to believe its a scam. Ethan told me that within 24 hours I would have my code.. 3 days later and he said he couldn't unlock my ...

    • Added: Nov 04, 2014

    • By: andbrook

    • Took my mothers money and gave her nothing.

      When typed "unlock my iphone 4" on google, this was a sponsored link. advertising unlock codes starting at $1.59 using paypal and other things to mask its illegitimate service, it stole money from my mother and with not a ...

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