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      This company claims to get you unlock codes for your cell phone, but what they are really doing is get you to send your cell phone information to them and then they use that information for your personal gain. Do not trust them and be fooled. I attempted to contact them and my emails went unanswered.

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    • Amount: $5.99

      Country: USA

      State: UN

      Added: Nov 21, 2013

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    Reported by: grjohns63

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    • Ethan

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    • N/A

    • Managers:

    • Ethan Harman

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    • Added: Oct 07, 2014

    • By: scammedinUSA

    • Company scammed me too!

      Wish I had looked here before I ordered... "Ethan Harman" from "unlock-code-world" fooled me too. Yes, it's "only" 5.99, that's probably why he assumes it's too much trouble for people to pursue a refund when it ...

    • Added: Mar 13, 2014

    • By: eurjay96

    • they charged my account with out my authorization.

      this company is scam. they charged my account twice. i pay $5.99 under my paypal account. when i check my account there is another one which is $ 55.90 with out my authorization. i email them back why they ...

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