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      Arlington Moore LTD (17 Complaints)

      Ben Harris sent me an email. then a few days later I got a check in the mail ($4,875)with instructions to deposit it in my bank account. I was told to keep $600.00 of it and western union $2,000 to John Ado and another $2,000 to Erick Ado. I didn't do it had I done it I would have been arrears with my bank for $4,875. PLEASE PEOPLE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Complaint resolution: THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE CAUGHT!!! ASAP!!!

    • Amount: $4,875.00

      Country: CH

      State: GU

      Added: Feb 08, 2014

      ID#: 5035


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    Reported by: jaz0313

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    • Company Emails:

    • [email protected]

    • Company Phone:

    • 909-999-0315, 916-905-6197, 301-966-3983, 916-459-1632
    • Sales Person:

    • Ben Harris, Thomas Darren, Ray Hughes, Robert Denise, Robert Rooney, Janice O. Jeanty

    • Company Address:

    • N/A

    • Managers:

    • Ben Harris, Ventures Carlton, Thomas Darren, Luis Maisel, Janice O. Jeanty

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    If you have been dealing with a similar situation, the scammers are in the possession of your personal information (SSN, DOB, Address). Your identity and credit history is at risk.

    Click here to find out how to lock your credit from unauthorized changes and identity theft.

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    Email address reported: [email protected]

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