• Millburn Financial is a scam company

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      I was in the process of taking out a loan with the above comp for 5000.00. They request 3 payment of 161.34 up front as collateral with a remaining 33 payment at the same plus 10%. Was advise to send Money via Western Un to a Kevin Singleton in Canada. Advise to call back to Erin Roberts and give WU #, which I did. Stated once the collateral payment would be received, money would be in the acct by 6:00 pm that day 10/10. Got a phone call stating that because i decline the "OPTIONAL" insurance of 1500.00. And now 1/2 of that amt of 750.00 would be need to get the loan. I advise then that I did not have this and to refund me my money of 524.00. They stated it would take up to 14-30 days for a refund. Now no one will return calls. The address of of 10 E Athens Ave, Ardmore,PA is vacant per the City person I spoke to in that town of 10/11, who stated she been receiving numerous calls about this Fake company and that no one occupied that building.

      Complaint resolution: I want my full refund of 524.00 return to me.

    • Amount: $524.00

      Country: USA

      State: PA

      Added: Oct 15, 2013

      ID#: 2566


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    Reported by: dking

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    • Company Phone:

    • 866-383-1652
    • Sales Person:

    • Erin Roberts, Randy Hearn, Tony Palmer

    • Company Address:

    • 10 E Athens Ave

    • Managers:

    • Chelsea Hinkley, Jacob

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