• Stole 150 from my moneypak card

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      Stole 150$ from my moneypak card. made me believe i needed to prove i can pay a loan using greendot moneypak. i visited the cashnetusa website and a representative assured me that i was scammed. She explained that cashnetusa does not service new york where i am from. she then told me they do not deal with greendot moneypaks to approve loans. wish i would have researched further. Phone number used: 1-213-928-7931

      Complaint resolution: All or patial money return

    • Amount: $150.00

      Country: USA

      Added: Jun 25, 2013

      Report ID:#: 1254


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    Reported by: nate499a

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    Mike Brown

    Jun 30, 2013 5:28 AM

    you know the name of the Executive is this Lee johnson???

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