• Not paying me or replying to emails.

      Circumnews.com (8 Complaints)

      Site says will pay you via PayPal after $100 and one I got there they changed it to $350. I finally got there a month ago and submitted for payment but never got paid. I sent numerous emails and haven't gotten one reply. Site is a total scam and now McAfee site advisor won't even let me go to the page saying it's unsafe.

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    • Amount: $350.00

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      Added: Jan 08, 2014

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    Reported by: csalem77

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    • Added: Feb 12, 2014

    • By: april89

    • not giving money like they should

      you get paid to read news when you reach your 350 dollar you can cash out i have cashed out 3 times and its been over two months and still have not received my money and they do not reply ...

    • Added: Feb 15, 2014

    • By: cal2000

    • Read News Make Money

      No Members have been paid since September 2013. This is a Company that is now based on a Russia Server, and the Owner only makes 27 dollars a week. There URL is now Masked,and cannot find him to take ...

    • Added: Jan 18, 2014

    • By: amg12582

    • Not paid was I am owed.

      Website states that you get paid to read news online and that after requesting payments they will be made within 14 workdays. I now have 2 payments (totaling over 700 dollars) that are well past the 14 day mark and ...

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