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      Received letter in mail with a check inside and letter of explanation as to what it was for. I was deposit to deposit the check . Keep $350 for my pay. withdraw remaining balance and check web site for my first trial assignment. You were not supposed to check out the assignment until you had the money in hand. I deposited the check and waited for it to clear. I was informed by my bank that it was a fake check and charged $12.00 for a returned item. I never did check out the assignment as I never was able to with draw the money.
      Unlike some people I do not have enough in my account to go ahead and withdraw the balance and follow instructions. This way I only lost the $12. that the bank made in fees.

      Complaint resolution: Have this scam stopped and these people brought to justace. Also have the bank reimburse me my $12.00 fee, if they would.

    • Amount: $12.00

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      Added: Dec 23, 2013

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