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      I received a letter in the mail today with what looked to be a certified check for $1,980.00 made payable to me. I went to the bank and cashed the check without any problems. I was informed in the letter that I was selected as a Walmart Market secret shopper. Well I got a funny feeling about it, did some research and found out that this is a scam.

      Complaint resolution: Find the source of the website and shut it down.

    • Amount: $1,980.00

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      Added: Aug 23, 2013

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    Reported by: bryanrush1974

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    • Moore H. Johnson

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    • Added: Sep 24, 2013

    • By: diane

    • Scamming people out of money

      Thought I was working from home and I was not,scamming me out of money..i signed in on there web site,www.walmatbiz.com and registered the check as told,i thought I was going to sears,home depot ...

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    • By: sharon01

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    • Added: Aug 26, 2013

    • By: ralph_99

    • This is a fraudulent scam.

      Please see the link below for more information. Wal Mart does not endorse or even use secret shoppers. This is a scam to have money sent and then the check bounces and you become responsible for the amount and any ...

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