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Report ID#: 2595 Employment Fraud: Delivery agent


This people place ad on Jobs website asking for people to become their agent. when you apply they use your own information to but stuff ship the to you and ...
  • Amount: $2,000.00
  • Added: Oct 16, 2013
  • Status: Unresolved
  • State: DE
  • City: Wilmington
Total amount reported:
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  • Company: 309-791-4166

    i was just about to buy the money pak card and read this. I am so flabergasted that they can ...

  • Company: 309-791-4166

    The monsters are making money off of everyone. I have already reported them to the police and opened an investigation. ...

  • I received this email after responding by calling 406-219-7454 and getting a text telling me she couldn't answer phone at ...

  • The same thing happened to me but it was on facebook. Vanilla wont do anything and i know my local ...

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