Resolving Complaints

  • For responding parties:

    Here is how to start resolving complaints about your organization that have been submitted to our website.

    Please take a few minutes to sign up for a free business account at in order to start communicating with the complainant, and, ultimately, resolving the matter.

    Once we've verified the information you've provided, you may use our messaging tools to communicate with consumers and address each complaint associated with your account. After the consumer's grievance has been addressed, you may send the individual a request to close the complaint, using the "Request a status change" option available for responding parties. If the consumers agree that the matter has been resolved, the consumer can accept the status change request and the complaint will become "Resolved."

    In an event when the consumer ignores communications from your organization for several weeks, ScamGuard representatives will notify the individual of your pending messages. If we are unable to communicate with the consumer, we reserve the right to close the complaint and list it as "Resolved."

    To register for a free Business Account, and start responding, please follow this link:

    Please use the contact us page to let us know of any other questions, or if you require further assistance.

    For complainants:

    There are several brief steps you must follow in order to update a complaint's status to "Resolved."

    1. Visit and click on the "Sign-in" link at the top right corner of the website.

    2. Type in your email address and your ScamGuard password to sign into your account.

    3. Click on your name at the top right corner of the website after logging into your ScamGuard account.

    4. Click on the "Add notes" option if you'd like to attach remarks to your complaint before designating the matter as "Resolved." Please note that resolved complaints reflect their reclassification immediately and are locked from deletion or any other changes.

    5. Click to change the status of the complaint.

    Thank you for using ScamGuard. We hope your concerns have been addressed in a fashion that meets or exceeds your expectations. Please let us know if we may assist your further.