Resolving a Complaint

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    Resolve complaints against you or your business.

    Any complaint that a customer files against you or your business will be listed as "Unresolved;" it can only be switched to “Resolved” by the member who created it in the first place. Ideally, this will motivate everyone involved to work together to resolve the problem.

    If you notice that our site lists a complaint against your business, your first step to resolve the issue is to register for a free business account. After you have completed the setup and verification processes, you will be able to communicate through our site with the individual who created the complaint. After determining the cause of the person’s issues and correcting it, you can then ask him or her to mark their complaint as "Resolved." Of course, the person in question is under no obligation to do so; however, most companies that make a genuine effort to fix the problem find that these individuals appreciate the assistance. If a complaint is classified as "Resolved," it will not negatively impact your business rating.